2017 Tournament Results

2017 Point Race Standings- updated through November 12 tournament.

2016 Point Race Final Results

BBC Statistics Page. Updated through November 12, 2017 tournament.

Year 2017 winners at the Beltway Backgammon Club. Select a date in the table below to view complete bracket for that date's tournament.

Date Players Main Bracket Consolation Bracket
Winner Runner-up Winner Runner-up
November 12 26 Frank Raposa Amir Seraji Karen Davis
John Klein
October 29 15 Barry Silliman
Majid Jahanbani
Ghazni Al-Kinani
Paul Baraz
October 8 15 Larry Brown Barry Silliman John Klein
LEW Webber
September 24 16 Barry Silliman John Klein David Richardson
September 10 18 Barry Silliman Frank Raposa John Klein Mel Leifer
Vic Morawski
August 27 25 Larry Brown LEW Webber Ed O'Laughlin
David Schenck
August 13 20 Barry Silliman Mel Leifer LEW Webber
Chen-Fu Yu
July 30 23 Ed O'Laughlin Barry Silliman Bob Koca Frank Raposa
July 9 25 Ed O'Laughlin Ken Indart Henry Lebard John Klein
June 25 23 Nima Sabbaghian Jason Pack Ghazi Al-Kinani
Dick Allen
June 11 27 Barry Silliman Ed O'Laughlin Jack Edelson Ken Indart
May 28 19 Bahman Zandi Frank Raposa Ray Zamani
Ghazi Al-Kinani
May 7 21 Bahman Zandi
Ghazi Al-Kinani
LEW Webber Larry Brown
Mel Leifer
April 23 23 Barry Silliman John Klein Vinson Blanton Karen Davis
April 2 18 Karen Davis Ed O'Laughlin Daniel Bluestone Ghazi Al-Kinani
March 19 21 Phil Lerman Nick Saverino Larry Brown
Vic Morawski
March 12 23 Karen Davis
John Klein
LEW Webber Nima Sabbaghian
February 19 16 Ken Indart Barry Silliman Mel Leifer
February 12 21 Lili Iravani Steve Kearney Bahman Zandi
Barry Silliman
January 29 30 Phil Lerman Frank Raposa Roberto Litzenberger
Barry Silliman
January 15 26 Andrew Zaleski John Klein Chen-Fu Yu
Phil Lerman

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