Beltway Backgammon Club 2009 Clock Rules

Beginning with the first tournament in 2009, clocks will be allowed in tournament play at the request of either player or at the request of the director.

Players requesting a clock are responsible for providing their own clock. This way, if you do not plan on requesting a clock, you are not required to purchase a clock.

Time settings for clocked play are more generous than the time settings specified in the U.S. Backgammon Clock Rules & Procedures , as explained in the section below on club modifications to these rules and procedures. The clock settings are intended to eliminate very slow play which can delay the entire tournament bracket, but are generous enough so that very rarely should a player run out of time.

Approved clock list

Players may submit other Bronstein-capable clocks for inclusion on the list, and they may be added after the director approves the clock. Information may be submited in advance of a tournament for the director's convenience, and the director may grant approval at the time of a tournament, but this list on the web page here will not be updated until the director has had a chance to see the clock in person.

Note: The links for the clocks are for illustrative purposes and are not to imply an endorsement of any particular place to purchase a clock. In fact, the only source that I can personally attest to is Carol Joy Cole, who sells the Excalibur Game Time II at her backgammon boutique. This does not mean that other sources are not reputable, but I can make no claims positive or negative for any other sources that sell these clocks simply because I have not done business with them.

Club modifications to U.S. Backgammon Clock Rules & Procedures

The club will use the U.S. Backgammon Clock Rules & Procedures subject to the following modifications and clarifications:

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