BBC Late Policy

Tournaments start at noon!

Latecomers may be able to join the tournament if there is room in the bracket, with the imposition of 1 penalty point plus an additional penalty point for each five minutes of tardiness. This allows a 30-minute period before the first-round 7 point match would be forfeited by penalty points. Bracket size is determined by the number of participants when the tourney starts, and is either 8, 16, or 32. Therefore, even if you are only a few minutes late there may not be room if the bracket is full. The moral is, be there on time! This is only fair to those who get there on time! If you're running late in your car and you call the room from your car phone before noon, we can make sure the bracket is large enough to accomodate you, but you will still be assessed penalty points if you are late. If you get stuck in a traffic jam because of an accident or something and you know you'll be too late to enter the tourney, stop by anyway! There are usually enough players that are willing to play some side-action or chouette.

This page last updated January 17, 2001.