Beltway Backgammon Club Library

The Beltway Backgammon Club now has a library of backgammon books available if you would like to improve your game. Thanks to an initial contribution of books by Frank Raposa, and now a few others, we have an assortment of about 10 different books, a quiz, match equity table and a booklet titled How to Play Tournament Backgammon by Kit Woolsey. Also included is possibly one of the most highly recommended books ever, Modern Backgammon by Bill Robertie. Larry Brown has volunteered to be our librarian, he can be reached or by phone at 703-622-1554.

The books are free for you to check out if you are a play at our club. A refundable deposit may be required to ensure their timely return. Please feel free to use our new backgammon resource. Larry Brown usually brings the books to our Sunday tournaments for your review and check-out.

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