BBC 2017 Point Race Rules

A point race will be tracked for the year.

The point race winner for the year will receive one free entry on a date of his or her choosing into a BBC Sunday tournament during the year 2018.

The point race winner will also be recognized as the club Player of the Year.

The free entry awarded to point race champion is transferable but must be used in 2018.

Points are awarded according to the formula:

(players in tournament) x (dollars won by player / total prize pool)

Points awarded under this formula will be rounded to the nearest thousandth (i.e. 3 decimal places) for each tournament.

Settlements/hedges between finalists that are reported to the director by both players will be reflected in the points awarded subject to the following conditions:

  • Settlements are allowed between two players only when no other player's ability to cash in that tournament is affected by such a settlement.
  • A reported settlement/hedge can only decrease the spread between what would have been the payouts to the winner and the loser of the match under the payout schedule determined by the tournament director at the start of the tournament. It cannot increase the spread.

Optional side-pool prize money is not included in the point race formula.

Point-race standings:

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This page last updated January 10, 2017.